emergency tooth extraction hagerstown

Why Emergency Tooth Extraction Necessary

When phoning in to complain, do make sure that you have composed yourself nicely. You need to be calm in your time of distress. The dentist needs to have a clear appreciation of what you are going through. So, after you have calmly explained to him your symptoms, he will decide whether or not an emergency appointment will be required. And it is only after the dental exam is completed that the dentist will then decide whether any further emergency tooth extraction hagerstown work will be required.

emergency tooth extraction hagerstown

Because after the dental exam is completed, it might just come down to that. It might not be necessary for the tooth to be extracted. And it might just be that only minor repairs are required. In a case like this, it is usual to expect just a small tooth filling. It is hardly noticed. Many of you might be feeling a little frustrated. Why is tooth decay happening? After all, you have been looking after your teeth and gums just as you should, brushing and flossing three times a day no less. The reality is that age-related tooth decay is inevitable.

Also note that unexpected injuries just cannot be helped. It needs emergency treatment, to be sure. This is especially so if there is a considerable amount of pain. Damage to the affected tooth may well have reached its point of no return. In which case, a tooth extraction would be required. And in its place will come a partial denture. It could even be a partial implant, assuming that your oral and dental health is still relatively good. Now, what really constitutes an emergency tooth extraction? Pain was already mentioned.

Also note that there may have been some bleeding. This needs to be stopped. Pain to the gums also needs to be stopped.