covid return to work plan

Time To Get Back To Work

Forget about your dating plans. Forget about the girlfriend you have not seen for months, not since the iron curtain that is your country’s lock-down restrictions went down. Don’t worry too much about her pining on about how much she is missing you. Just be cool and grateful that you still have messaging and video calls. Just think what life could have been like if you did not have these 21st century miracles.

It could have been a lot worse. It could have been like living in the Dark Ages. It came pretty close to that centuries ago when the Black Plague descended across most of Europe. Back then there were no planes, trains and automobiles but there sure was ships with sails. And so it was that the granddaddy of today’s novel Corona virus swept its way across the globe. It apparently started out in the Far East.

And how history loves to repeat itself. It does not seem to make any difference whether people have learned from it or not. It is still going to rear its ugly head. About all you can really do is prepare yourself as best as you can. You can do that with a structured covid return to work plan. Because that is what you are going to be doing, if you have not already done so. Return to work. Whether you are working in an office.

covid return to work plan

Or a factory for someone else. Or whether you are running your own business by now. Many people are doing it today. And if this is you then your girlfriend would be just so proud. She probably told you this much already. She is happy that you at least have work to do. And she’s looking forward to seeing you again.